Publication of CCP 15.3


Beyond the Doubleday Myth
David Jones

In this Issue
Jennifer Liu and Jason M. Wirth


Pregnancy as a Cipher for Nietzsche’s Project of Self-Overcoming: The Case of Pascal
Katia Hay and Jamie Parr

Moral and Criminal Responsibilities for Free Choice between Good and Evil in the Philosophy of Chŏng Yakyong, with Reference to Matteo Ricci
Yi Jongwoo

Adorno, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and Critical Theory: Negative Dialectics and Non-identity Thinking
Sunny Dhillon

Does Philosophy Have More Than One Method? On Intercultural Comparison, Hegel, and Universality
Timo Ennen

Translation, Mastery, and Ground; or, Overcoming some Hermeneutic Fictions
Timothy H. Engström

Book Reviews

Zen Pathways: An Introduction to the Philosophy and Practice of Zen Buddhism by Bret W. Davis
Leah Kalmanson

Tetsugaku Companion to Nishida Kitarō edited by Hisao Matsumaru, Yoko Arisaka, and Lucy Christine Schultz
Rika Dunlap

Phenomenological Ontology of Breathing: The Respiratory Primacy of Being by Petri Berndtson
Vedant Srinivas

Biopolítica y liberación: La noción de vida humana en Agamben y Dussel by Mario Orospe HernándezRafael Vizcaíno


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