Publication of Comparative and Continental Philosophy 14.1

We are pleased to announce the publication of Comparative and Continental Philosophy 14.1.


Defacing Eternal Re-Coming

David Jones

In this Issue

Jennifer Luo-Liu and Jason M. Wirth

Special Featured Article

The Way of Becoming-Imperceptible: Daoism, Deleuze, and Inner Transformation
Brian Schroeder


The “Beautiful Soul” and “Religious Consciousness”: Deleuze and Nishida

Russell J. Duvernoy

The Eye is in Things: On Deleuze and Speculative Realism

Pablo Pachilla

Kenosis and Nature: Critical Notes on Vattimo’s and Bubbio’s Notion of Kenotic Sacrifice

Daniele Fulvi

Sylvia Wynter’s New Science of the Word and the Autopoetics of the Flesh
Rafael Vizcaíno

Review Essays

The Poetics of Hope: Treanor’s Invitation to the Mystery of Being

Christopher Yates

On Nothingness in the Heart of the Empire and the Wartime Politics of the Kyoto School

John W.M. Krummel


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