Publication of CCP 15.3

CONTENTS PrefaceBeyond the Doubleday MythDavid Jones In this IssueJennifer Liu and Jason M. Wirth Articles Pregnancy as a Cipher for Nietzsche’s Project of Self-Overcoming: The Case of PascalKatia Hay and Jamie Parr Moral and Criminal Responsibilities for Free Choice between Good and Evil in the Philosophy of Chŏng Yakyong, with Reference to Matteo RicciYi Jongwoo […]

Philosophy and Poetry Città di Castello, July 8-26, 2024

The Collegium Phaenomenologicum convenes for its 46th annual session in Città diCastello, Italy, July 8-26,2024. Philosophy  and  Poetry The Collegium is intended for faculty members and advanced graduate and postdoctoral students in philosophy and related disciplines. The core of the program consists in a series of lecture courses, individual lectures, and intensive text-based seminars. A participants’ conference will be held in conjunction with the Collegium on […]

Journal of Japanese Philosophy

The Journal of Japanese Philosophy is the oldest international peer-reviewed journal on Japanese philosophy (in existence for over ten years, published by SUNY Press), an academic area that has been receiving increasing global attention since the journal’s inception. By enhancing the quality of research through a worldwide, recognized consortium of scholars, this journal provides an […]

Welcome to New Board Members!

We are incredibly pleased to welcome new members to our Editorial and Advisory Boards. Rein Raud of Tallinn University in Estonia joins our distinguished Advisory Board. Professor Raud is a leading figure in Japanese Philosophy. We have eight new members joining the Editorial Board. Their collective expertise in Buddhist ethics, Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, Korean philosophy, […]

Publication of Comparative and Continental Philosophy 14.1

We are pleased to announce the publication of Comparative and Continental Philosophy 14.1. Preface Defacing Eternal Re-Coming David Jones In this Issue Jennifer Luo-Liu and Jason M. Wirth Special Featured Article The Way of Becoming-Imperceptible: Daoism, Deleuze, and Inner TransformationBrian Schroeder Articles The “Beautiful Soul” and “Religious Consciousness”: Deleuze and Nishida Russell J. Duvernoy The Eye […]

Publication of Comparative and Continental Philosophy 13.3

We are pleased to announce the publication of Comparative and Continental Philosophy 13.3. We conclude our thirteenth year of publishing.   Comparative and Continental Philosophy, Volume 13, Issue 3 is now available online on Taylor & Francis Online.This new issue contains the following articles and reviews: CONTENTS IntroductionIn this issue 13.3Jason M. Wirth and Jennifer LiuEditorialPhilosophy—More than EverDavid JonesArticlesOn Motherhood as Ambiguity and […]

Member Emergency Fundraiser

Dear CCP Friends, A member of our community has lost her home and belongings in a house fire. We are extraordinarily grateful that Meilin Chinn and all her family members are safe. We have set up a fundraising page for those who are able to send support to Meilin during this challenging time. All proceeds, […]

John C. Maraldo is the CCPC 2021 Compass Award Recipient

John C. Maraldo, Professor Emeritus at the University of North Florida, is this year’s recipient of the Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle’s Compass Award. Professor Maraldo is recognized for his years of work in and devotion to comparative philosophy. His work in Japanese Philosophy has been foundational,  groundbreaking, and has brought to light the depths of […]

Remembering Eliot Deutsch (1931 – 2020)

Rabindranath Tagore once wrote that “Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.” Eliot Deutsch, a pioneer in Comparative Philosophy, brought a light with him as he sailed to Hawai‘i from New York in 1966. The dawning of Comparative Philosophy would have been unimaginable without him. […]