CCPC Executive Officers

Executive Officers

Jason M. Wirth (Seattle University): [email protected], CHAIR

Leah Kalmanson (University of North Texas): [email protected], TREASURER

David Jones (Kennesaw State University): [email protected]

Bret W. Davis (Loyola University Maryland): [email protected]

Sarah Flavel (Bath Spa University): [email protected]

Jennifer Luo-Liu (Seattle University): [email protected]

Brian Schroeder (Rochester Institute of Technology): [email protected]

Andrew K. Whitehead (KU Leuven): [email protected], EUROPEAN CORRESPONDENT

Emeritus Officer

Michael Schwartz (Augusta University)

Advisory Board

Roger Ames, University of Hawai’i at Manoa (emeritus), United States, and Beijing University, China

Walter Brogan, Villanova University (emeritus), United States

Edward S. Casey, Stony Brook University, United States

Chun-chieh Huang, National Taiwan University (emeritus), Taiwan

Thomas R. Flynn, Emory University (emeritus), United States

James W. Heisig, Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture, Japan

Dalia Judovitz, Emory University, United States

Alan Kam Leung Chan, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

Thomas P. Kasulis, The Ohio State University (emeritus), United States

David Farrell Krell, DePaul University (emeritus) and Brown University, United States

John Maraldo, North Florida University (emeritus), United States

Fujita Masakatsu, Kyoto University, Japan

Keta Masako, Kyoto University, Japan

Michael Naas, DePaul University, United States

Graham Parkes, Institute of Philosophy, University of Vienna, Austria

Hans Ruin, South Stockholm University, Sweden

Ohashi Ryosuke, Ryukoku University and Osaka University, Japan

John Sallis, Boston College, United States

Dennis Schmidt, Western Sydney University, Australia

Ogawa Tadashi, Kyoto University, Japan

Cynthia Willett, Emory University, United States

David Wood, Vanderbilt University (emeritus), United States

Editorial Board

Silvia Benso, Rochester Institute of Technology, United States

Steven Burik, Singapore Management University, Singapore

Bret Davis, Loyola University of Maryland, United States

Nythamar de Oliveira, Pontifical Catholic University, Porto Alegre, Brazil

William Edelglass, Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, United States

Julián Ferreyra, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Julia Jansen, KU Leuven, Belgium

Gereon Kopf, Luther College, United States

Erin A. McCarthy, St. Lawrence University, United States

Bradley Douglas Park, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, United States

Jin Y. Park, American University, United States

Guoxiang Peng, Zhejiang University, China

Franklin Perkins, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, United States

Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback, South Stockholm University, Sweden

Brian Schroeder, Rochester Institute of Technology, United States

May Sim, College of the Holy Cross, United States

Gabriel Soldatenko, California Polytechnic State University, United States

Sor-hoon TanSingapore Management University, Singapore

André van der Braak, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands

Robin R. Wang, Loyola Marymount University, United States